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Frequently Asked Questions - africa

FAQs - africa

While there are certain inherent risks involved in any travel the chances of being involved in an incident are very small. Your safety is our foremost concern and we constantly check updates by the official government security departments and agencies and monitor any situations that may arise.

This is probably the most frequently asked question of them all, and is probably the hardest one to answer. There are so many different variables such as your destination, the season you travelling in and what you are going to be doing while in Africa. Have a look at our weather/temperature charts for the area that you are intending to travel in as a guide on temperatures and rainfall. Remember to pack some long sleeves/trousers for destinations where you'll encounter conservative attitudes to dress. For further packing hints have a look at our Packing List under the section “Before You Go. As a wise man once said, pack what you think you will need and then half it.