It is an unforgettable experience. Why? Because it is Magical! I will never forget the excitement of seeing our first zebras, impalas and giraffes, and we had not yet even reached the gates to the park, already we had taken so many photos. After entering into the National Park it wasn’t long before the unmistakable shape of an elephant appeared, and another, and another and before we knew it we were alongside a whole herd of these noble creatures. Our afternoon just got better and better, a pride of lions tucked beneath a kopje of rocks, their golden coats camouflaged so well amongst the tall yellow grasses, just the playful cubs visible pouncing on each other, carefully watched over by the lioness. 

After a hot and dusty game drive, we were taken to one of the most heavenly spots to observe the sun going down. No safari is complete without ‘Sundowners’, a unique tradition performed at the end of the day. We watched as a giant orange ball disappeared over the dusty horizon, the colours of the earth dramatically changing as the evening quickly began to close in. To compliment this special moment we had drinks from the cool box, some wine and beers to toast the end of the amazing day, accompanied by some ‘bush bitings’ of nuts, tortilla crisps with guacamole, cheese and crackers and cocktail sausages, all served on the bonnet of our safari vehicle.

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Monday, 08 February 2016 08:32

The Importance of Groundnuts in Uganda

Peanuts, known locally as groundnuts are an important crop in Uganda. As well as providing a source of income they also play an important role socially.

Ugandans are being encouraged to grow this crop to empower them into becoming productive citizens, who are able to take care of themselves and their families.

Women will serve them to their guests as a welcome snack, as well as sharing news whilst sorting the legume.

The raw groundnut is also boiled or steamed in the shell and eaten whole, or, alternatively roasted and ground into a fine powder which is then used in many different recipes.  Groundnuts that have been cooked into a thick pink paste often accompany Matoke (cooked green bananas), rice and spinach or bamboo shoots.  Totally delicious!

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Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is the very proud home of the only rhinos presently found in Uganda. At the moment there are about 15 white rhinos on the sanctuary, including the new addition born last April, a calf called Luna to rhino mum Bella.

This successful venture has seen many calves being born there and offers hope of eventually reintroducing rhinos back into the wild in Ugandan National Parks.

The sanctuary is under constant 24 hour surveillance and the rangers do a magnificent job of protecting these pre-historic creatures.

With Safari Joe you can visit Ziwa and go on a 'Rhino Encounter' where you will walk as a small group with a trained ranger to look for rhinos. Once you have found the rhinos you will have a chance to observe them at a very close yet safe distance. Due to quite poor eyesight, a rhino will allow you to get reasonably close without being too worried.

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Explore the South West of Uganda, the area around Lake Bunyonyi, Kisoro and the Virunga Mountains that separate Uganda, Rwanda and the Congo.  Here you will see some of the most stunning, spectacular scenery on the planet.

Visit and you will be instantly enchanted by the magic and serenity that this friendly country has to offer. 

One of these magical places is Lake Bunyonyi, situated in the south western region of the country, the name translates to “Place of Many little Birds” and it truly is an ornithologist’s paradise.

Lake Bunyonyi is so vast that it has 29 islands in its midst, one of these islands is called Punishment Island and history has it that unmarried girls were sent there if they became pregnant!  Look out ladies!!

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