Tuesday, 16 February 2016 11:24

"I guess the rain is down in Africa"

Equatorial Africa has two very unique seasons, namely the ‘wet’ season, also called the rains and the dry season. The dry season, a period where it is generally hot and dry, runs for the most part of the year, broken up by the short rains and the long rains. The rainy season doesn’t just appear overnight, it builds up for days, even weeks, the parched earth thirsty and craving water to bring it back to life. Slowly clouds begin to gather on the horizon, big burly white clouds, boisterous and turning a shade of purplish grey as they accumulate, the air charged with excitement.

The cicadas begin their frenzy, their shrill racket all around as the electricity builds. This is a great time to be on safari in Kenya, a time where new life is just about to begin, the animals giving birth to their young, the grass ready to crack through the dry crust of the earth and the rivers preparing to flow once more.

You can smell the first drop of rain as it comes, a cool refreshing scent, all at once the winds pick up and the heavens open, the much awaited rains have arrived and you have witnessed this spectacular event, the immense energy of mother nature touching the earth and breathing new life into its soul. To be witness is unforgettable, the colours, the sounds, the smell, the feel, you can even taste the rain; your every sense is awakened as only nature can do.

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