Friday, 12 February 2016 08:43

Go on you know you want to eat Bugs!

I can hear you already saying no way!   Go on, give them a try, you might be pleasantly suprised!!!

The first time I ever ate bugs was in Zimbabwe, quite a few years ago where Mopane Worms (caterpillars) were on the menu.

These worms or caterpillars having been collected by hand were degutted, boiled in salted water and sun-dried, then fried and served in a small bowl.  They were quite chewy and hard but too salty and gritty for my liking. I must say I did try them more than once to give them the benefit of the doubt, definitely not my cup of tea!

Now recently in Uganda I have discovered a delicacy that I can’t wait to tuck into again on my next safari and that is Termites!!! They are absolutely delicious and incredibly nutritious too.  I wasn't convinced at first either................

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