Monday, 08 February 2016 08:13

Kitesurfing Kenya and Tanzania

Kitesurfing is becoming extremely popular as an adrenalin activity.  Kitesurfing in East Africa is huge, especially here in Kenya at Diani Beach.

This growing extreme sport is very popular along the coastline of Kenya and Tanzania. People are able to incorporate a kite-surfing course into their Kenya Safari, or visit purely to Kitesurf, a Kite Surfari!

Come as a complete novice and take a course to learn this adrenalin pumping sport, or, come as a proficient kite-surfer and enjoy the constant winds and protected beaches that East Africa has to offer.

It is a pure thrill as a huge gust of wind inflates your kite and you are propelled across the warm Indian Ocean skimming the waves on your surfboard. The spray splashes past as you reach crazy speeds and it takes all your energy, balance and skill to maneuver your kite to make a turn and head back to the shore.

From the shore even to watch this sport is adrenalin pumping; brightly coloured kites flying high in the clear blue sky is a sight to behold, watching the surfers doing stunts and taking off is a real spectator sport.

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