Thursday, 11 February 2016 13:17

Why Adventure Camping is Fun! Bugz n all!

A holiday to East Africa is a journey to another world, a world to be embraced with a sense of adventure and a willingness to enjoy the ride; pot holes, bumps, mud, dust and all. Once you have left your ‘creature comforts’ behind and spent a few nights in the wilderness, it will seem quite normal to sit around the camp fire in the evening, sleep under canvas, use a traditional ‘bucket’ shower and perhaps even wear the same ‘dusty’ safari trousers two or three days in a row! It is a really fun experience; especially if you are down to earth then you will really love this grass roots type of travel. Safaris in East Africa are always an adventure; remember to pack a sense of humour and a sense of wonder, you will need them both.

Camping safaris are 'hands on', putting up your own tent, helping with the cooking and cleaning up is all part of the experience. Camping is really one of the world’s greatest travel adventures. Pitching your tent in the bush gives you the feeling of really living in the wild. The campsites can be quite basic, adding to the authenticity.

The romance of an open campfire under a magnificent sky full of stars is undeniable and a night in the wild beholds a magical experience. During the night you have a Masai guard who sits around the camp fire whilst you are asleep, keeping the embers going to scare away any wildlife that may come too close.

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