East African Events (3)

The Annual Camel Derby in Maralal is an epic Kenyan event, the ultimate race of skill and endurance with a Camel, enjoy our blog!

When you go on a Kenya Safari, it is not just about the endless savannah, or the kilometres of pristine beaches that fringe the coastline.

It is also about the unique cultures and events that the country offers, some quite balmy. One of those events is the Annual Camel Derby in the Maralal area, a remote desert outpost in Samburu County.

This event has put this sleepy little town on the world map. For the other 360 days of the year it is back to being a sleepy little Samburu town, but for a few days of the year during the month of August, locals and tourists gather from all over the world to watch or take part in a unique event, the Camel Derby.

Camels are common up in the Northern Frontier District of Kenya; alternatively known as ‘Ships of the Desert’ these ungainly beasts can go days without water in the hot and dry conditions of the world’s driest regions.

The Diani Beach Annual Goat Derby in Kenya is a yearly event all in the name of charity!

On one day a year a bunch of crazy locals get together and race goats. This place is in Kenya in the small coastal town of Diani. If you visit around October you too could be a part of this unique local event and it’s all in the name of charity, raising money for many local projects and organisations.

In Kenya there are not so many racehorses but there are many goats, therefore it is only apt that the races are participated in by goats and not horses.

It is a very light hearted event that attracts locals, expatriates and tourists alike to come and enjoy an afternoon in the hot sun; and be entertained by some of the most elite athletes in the country, a herd of very agile goats.

As well as the Goat Derby, there is a plenty for the kids to do including: face painting, bouncy castle and a fancy dress competition.

Every year since 1989 the Rhino Charge Kenya is one of the most exciting Annual Off-Road 4x4 Motorsport Competitions.  This extreme 4WD challenge is a fabulous, action packed event. Plan your Kenya Safari to coincide with this unmissable occasion. The event is scheduled annually around the last weekend in May, first weekend of June.

Rhino Charge - Annual Off-Road 4x4 Motorsport Competition

The name ‘Rhino Charge’ is not what the event is really about, the actual event is an off road 4x4 challenge! The aim of the challenge is to negotiate a set course in as short a distance as possible. This ends up in some very tricky driving skills over incredible terrain.  The Rhino Charge Kenya is a fund raising event to raise money to build a fence around the Aberdare National Park to protect the Rhinos.