Rhino Trekking at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary in Uganda

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Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is the very proud home of the only rhinos presently found in Uganda. At the moment there are about 15 white rhinos on the sanctuary, including the new addition born last April, a calf called Luna to rhino mum Bella.

This successful venture has seen many calves being born there and offers hope of eventually reintroducing rhinos back into the wild in Ugandan National Parks.

The sanctuary is under constant 24 hour surveillance and the rangers do a magnificent job of protecting these pre-historic creatures.

With Safari Joe you can visit Ziwa and go on a 'Rhino Encounter' where you will walk as a small group with a trained ranger to look for rhinos. Once you have found the rhinos you will have a chance to observe them at a very close yet safe distance. Due to quite poor eyesight, a rhino will allow you to get reasonably close without being too worried.


Whilst at the sanctuary you will also come across a whole host of other wildlife species such as the Ugandan Kob, bushbuck, hippos and crocodiles.  Not forgetting the very fiendly Ugandan Crowned Crane that is a frequent guest in camp.

There is always lots to see and do on the sanctuary after you have seen the Rhinos.

There is a lovely campsite, which has a huge sturdy fence around it to keep the rhinos out. There are also comfortable guest rooms and a lodge for those who like a little more luxury.

On a recent Safari in Uganda we were awoken during the middle of the night to the load rasping cough of a nearby Leopard. This noise grew louder and louder and at one stage, we knew this magnificent beast was passing very close to our tents. We rested assured that close by there was a ranger who stayed in the camp site during the night to protect us keeping the embers of the fire going.

We really were in the wilds of Africa, surrounded by some of the most magnificent wildlife on the planet.

Join <a title="Safari Joe" href="http://www.safari-joe.com">Safari Joe</a> on a 21 Day Wildlife Safari and walk with the Rhino

To find out more about the great work of Ziwa have a look at <a title="Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary" href="http://www.rhinofund.org/">http://www.rhinofund.org</a>

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