The Annual Diani Goat Derby - Fun in the Sun

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The Diani Beach Annual Goat Derby in Kenya is a yearly event all in the name of charity!

On one day a year a bunch of crazy locals get together and race goats. This place is in Kenya in the small coastal town of Diani. If you visit around October you too could be a part of this unique local event and it’s all in the name of charity, raising money for many local projects and organisations.

In Kenya there are not so many racehorses but there are many goats, therefore it is only apt that the races are participated in by goats and not horses.

It is a very light hearted event that attracts locals, expatriates and tourists alike to come and enjoy an afternoon in the hot sun; and be entertained by some of the most elite athletes in the country, a herd of very agile goats.

As well as the Goat Derby, there is a plenty for the kids to do including: face painting, bouncy castle and a fancy dress competition.

The small circuit is designed so that the goats can be lined up at the start and then do their lap of honour in front of the betting crowd.  There is even a steeplchase course for these nimble athletic creatures!

At the tote place your bet and a whacky commentator will keep you informed of your trusty goats progress.

Once the goats are lined up, each with their unique number cloth on, the starter gives his orders and they are off. Each goat has a trainer that will chase after his or her goat and encourage them to be the winner of the race!

It is so much fun to watch, I think even the goats take great pleasure in beating their mates around the course. At the end of the heats there is the grand finale, where the winning goat from each race is put together and then they compete to see who is the ultimate champ of the day.

The whole day is fun filled, you will find the best dressed ladies looking like they have just stepped out of Ascot and many bottles of Champagne (sparkling wine) consumed.

Come and join in the fun and games with us!

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