'Sundowner' on Safari in Kenya - An Essential Safari Tradition - Not to be missed!

Safari Sundowner in Africa on the banks of the river Safari Sundowner in Africa on the banks of the river
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A ‘Sundowner’ is an essential safari tradition performed at the end of the day on a Kenya Safari Tour.  It will probably be one of the most memorable and enchanting parts of your Safari in Kenya with Safari Joe. As long as the sun sets, there will be a Safari Sundowner!

A Sundowner is the absolute epitomy of a Safari in Kenya

Just imagine, after a hot and dusty game drive, you will be taken to one of the most heavenly spots to observe the sun going down.  Watch as a giant orange ball disappears over the dusty horizon, the colours of the earth dramatically changing as the evening quickly begins to close in. 

To compliment this special moment on your Safari in Kenya you will be served a Sundowner, a choice of cold beverages from the cool box, perhaps some wine, beers or a soft drink to toast the end of the amazing day that you just had.  Your drink is usually accompanied by some ‘bush bitings’ which could be nuts, tortilla crisps with guacamole/hummous, cheese and crackers, olives or cocktail sausages. 

Sundowners are usually served from the bonnet of your safari vehicle; however you can really do it in style by bringing along a table (complete with cloth), chairs and some lanterns

Make it part of your Kenya Safari Tour

A ‘Sundowner’ is a must do whilst on a Kenya Safari Tour.  Locations vary but it can be anywhere scenic, in a National Park, along a river bank, a viewpoint overlooking stunning scenery or even at the beach.  It is a chance to meet up and recount the day that you have had, enjoying a lovely cool drink, laughing at each other as you realise you are covered in the dust of Africa

As soon as the light dims the cicadas begin their shrill buzzing, the stars one by one begin to light up the sky and the nocturnal animals awake for another night of hunting.  It is time to pack up the vehicle and head back to camp, ready to hit the warm showers, wash off the dust and await what the evening has in store you.

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