The Excitement of Sleeping in the Wild on a Camping Safari Holiday in Kenya

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Can you even begin to imagine what it is like to sleep in a small canvas tent on a Kenya Camping Safari in one of the wildest places in Africa? It is a truly magical experience that you must try, even once, a Camping Safari Holiday in Kenya with Safari Joe is totally mindblowing!

A night under canvas on a Camping Safari Holiday in Kenya

Your sleep was peaceful, rousing only occasionally to hear the distant roar of a lion, cackle of a hyena or trumpet of an elephant far off in the distance. You just stirred once, gently awoken from a deep slumber to hear the cry of a bushbaby calling out to another across the savannah. Was that the raspy cough of a leopard you just heard? But you are protected by the fearsome Masai Warrior that is sitting around the blazing campfire for the evening, there is nothing to fear, just close your eyes and enjoy every second of this most unique experience of sleeping in the wild on a Camping Safari Holiday in Kenya. Overhead a million stars are watching down over you as you sleep, twinkling in the vast dark wilderness. These are unique experiences, experiences that will stay with you a lifetime, stories you will recount to the family as they sit in awe listening.

Awake to the chatter of the birds on a Kenya Camping Safari

Can you imagine the excitement of being awoken by the incessant babble of birds? The amber sun kisses the Earths’ surface as it rises and gently warms the cool African morning air. Unzipping your tent and stepping out into the bush, the soft golden light of the early morning is forgiving on your eyes. A Kenya Camping Safari leaves you refreshed and at first light you wander over to the campfire, the embers re-awakened, a big steaming kettle greets you. You indulge in a strong mug of tea or coffee and observe the wildlife already busy going about their morning activities around camp. The sausages are sizzling in the pan, the coals of the fire turning the toast a lovely golden brown and the aroma of the tropical fruit salad all awaken your taste buds as you tuck into a hearty breakfast al fresco.  Kenya offers many such opportunities and places to camp in the wilderness, one of the most famous is the Masai Mara, Camping in the Masai Mara is extraordinary, come and see for yourself, your African adventure awaits you!

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