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Africa ~ A Kaleidoscope of Colours

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I often think about what strikes me most about Africa and I think it is the vibrant colours.  Whilst a lot of places in the world live in monochrome, the continent of Africa is seen in Technicolor!    From the moment that you land on the continent on your Kenyan Holiday, your eyes are in for a feast, the colours are truly magnificent.  From the rich ochre of the fertile earth, the vibrant tropical green of the banana plantations to the deep blue of the endless skies overhead, there is never a dull moment for your eyes. 

The stunning ebony skinned beauty of the people that walk the continent and the warm golden colour of their cattle.  The dazzle of the hot sunshine glitters like a million jewels bestowed upon the luscious green grass.   Africa is blessed and cursed by the hot sun; whilst it gives life to the continent it also drains the very same life, still that very same sun beats down on the land and fills it with every colour imaginable, even with the rains there are rainbows bowing down to kiss the earth.

The colourful women adorned with exotic materials, intricate patterns with lively designs and eclectic colours, in fact every colour of the spectrum.  They wear ornate jewellery, a magical fusion of antique and traditional necklaces, bracelets and earrings, adding a touch of spice.  The Masai men are renowned for their bright red shukas or cloth that they wear, the Masai women wearing yellow and blue cloth against their skin, you may glimpse this on a Masai Mara Safari. 

The traditional huts, the same rich ochre colour set against some whitewashed huts in complete contrast, the compound a myriad of colours; bougainvillea draped over the walls, tropical plants and flowers placed around the grounds.  Even the animals and birds are brightly coloured, black and white Colobus monkeys cavort in the canopy of trees, flocks of brightly coloured birds swoop and swirl in the sky.  Whoever called this the “Dark Continent” must have had their eyes closed!

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