Night Lights in the Wilds of Africa

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African nights in the bush are usually pitch black, just the moon and stars overhead, but what can be more romantic than a candle lit dinner, under the stars? Your table gently illuminated by a flickering candle, the yellow light softly creating the perfect ambience. Around the camp there are lanterns to light the way, placed along the paths or hung from the branches of a tree, adding a warm glow, creating shadows and shapes that flicker as the flame jumps around inside the glass.

Yet perhaps the most spectacular light comes from something else more exquisite. As your eyes become accustomed to the flashes of yellow and green you realise you are surrounded by hundreds, even thousands, of tiny fire flies, their light twinkling like the lights on a Christmas tree. This is a sight that you will hold in your heart for a lifetime, these tiny flies creating this fascinating show in the middle of the wild African bush, pure, natural and magical, better than anything you have ever witnessed before, a natural phenomenon displayed just for you to enjoy on this perfect evening of your Kenyan Safari.

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