Kenyan Dawa Cocktail

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Given that Dawa is Swahili for "medicine" or “magic potion” this famous cocktail is said to be so potent that it will cure whatever ails you. The fact that it's the most popular cocktail in Kenya just might support this claim. The recipe is based on a famous Brazilian drink that was introduced to Kenya. It is now one of the most widely consumed cocktails in Kenya and has spread through out North and South Africa (especially in touristy regions). Enjoy!!!!!

1 tbsp brown sugar

2 shots vodka

Crushed ice cubes

1 whole lime quarter with skin on

1 Dawa stick twisted in honey

1) Put lime and sugar into a whisky tumbler.

2) Crush limes slightly, add ice and pour in the vodka.

3) At this point you twist a dawa stick into some honey and add the stick to the drink. A wooden honey stick or other type of stick twisted in honey will work.

4) Muddle limes with dawa or honey stick. The more you crush the limes into the mixture and stir the sweeter the taste.

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