The Infamous Long Drop Loo ~ Tips n Tales from an East African Safari Holiday!

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There may be one time on an East African Safari Holiday that a long drop loo may be your only option because, let’s face it, when you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go! It is used daily by millions throughout Africa that’s why we thought it only pertinent to share with you some of our expert knowledge of this “special” place. In fact I think we fall under the category of pro’s!

What is a Long Drop Loo?  You need to know in case you encounter one on your East African Safari Holiday

The long drop loo is a small structure over a rather deep hole in the ground, hence the name long drop. When you are on an East African Safari Holiday there may be a time when you need a call of nature and a pit latrine is the only option, therefore we have put together some first hand African Safari Tips on what to expect!

When you first walk into this so called small structure, with nothing more than a hole in the middle of the floor, you wonder what you actually need to do, then you realise it is a good idea to close the door (if there is a door) as the entire village is also wondering what you need to do! In fact, they may think that you are waving at them, but alas no you are just swatting at the rather annoying resident fly. Now the next step really tests your agility, balance, leg muscles and aim, perhaps I will leave the rest up to you.....................

Pit Latrine, Long Drop, Thunderbox or Dunny ~ African Safari Tips

There are different types of long drop, the most basic one, just a bashed together wooden or corrugated iron shack and the more exc'loo'sive one that is made from bricks.  You may be lucky enough to visit a posh long drop, affectionately known as a thunderbox; this one has a wooden platform complete with toilet seat to sit on still over a very deep hole in the ground! Always remember on your East African Safari Holiday to carry a packet of tissues with you wherever you go! Hand sanitizer is also useful.

African Safari Tips ~ One last tip that I have to offer is to try not to look down the hole, as this is where many pairs of sunglasses and mobile phones have come to a rather sticky end!!

N.B.  You did figure out that if you held the toilet paper roll under your chin – then you had your hands free to try to get your clothes out of the 'drop zone'.

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