A Coconut Trees Many Uses!

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Did you know that a coconut tree has many uses; there is not one part of this tree that is discarded!

 - Firstly, it produces coconuts; the milk and flesh are edible and used to flavour many dishes throughout the world. Dried coconut meat, called copra, is made from the mature coconut.  The copra is pressed in a mill to make coconut oil and coconut meal, used in animal feeds. The edible oil is used in hair and skin care products, soap and sunscreen.

- The leaves themselves have many uses, they are woven to produce baskets, hats, mats and fish traps. Leaves are also prepared into a roof tile and used to thatch an entire house, an excellent and watertight creation.

 - The coconut husk has long fibres which are used to make rope, nets and doormats. Pieces of husk can be used as scrubbers to clean floors and cooking pots or for kindling for the fire.

 - The coconut shell can be sanded and polished and made into dishes and buttons.

 - Trees have the sap tapped; this is drunk as a local beer or wine, or used to produce palm sugar.

 - The wood is beautiful and straight, it has an interesting grain and makes excellent furniture; or building houses.

 - The husk once the flesh has been removed makes a great cup/bowl for food and drinks.

 - The trunk can be hollowed out into a small canoe and also be made into a drum.

"One little tip that I have to offer,  is to be very careful when passing under a coconut tree whilst on an East African Safari; a falling nut can be very hazardous to your health!!"

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