What is it like to go on a Safari in East Africa?

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It is an unforgettable experience. Why? Because it is Magical! I will never forget the excitement of seeing our first zebras, impalas and giraffes, and we had not yet even reached the gates to the park, already we had taken so many photos. After entering into the National Park it wasn’t long before the unmistakable shape of an elephant appeared, and another, and another and before we knew it we were alongside a whole herd of these noble creatures. Our afternoon just got better and better, a pride of lions tucked beneath a kopje of rocks, their golden coats camouflaged so well amongst the tall yellow grasses, just the playful cubs visible pouncing on each other, carefully watched over by the lioness.

After a hot and dusty game drive, we were taken to one of the most heavenly spots to observe the sun going down. No safari is complete without ‘Sundowners’, a unique tradition performed at the end of the day. We watched as a giant orange ball disappeared over the dusty horizon, the colours of the earth dramatically changing as the evening quickly began to close in. To compliment this special moment we had drinks from the cool box, some wine and beers to toast the end of the amazing day, accompanied by some ‘bush bitings’ of nuts, tortilla crisps with guacamole, cheese and crackers and cocktail sausages, all served on the bonnet of our safari vehicle.

Our night in camp was peaceful, stirring only occasionally to hear the distant roar of a lion, cackle of a hyena and trumpeting of an elephant far off in the distance. Was that the raspy cough of a leopard we just heard? We were protected by the fearsome Masai warrior that was sitting around the campfire for the evening, there was nothing to fear, just to lay back and enjoy every second of this most unique experience of being on an East Africa Camping Safari.

In the morning we were awoken by the incessant babble of the birds, the warm sun kissed the earths’ surface as it rose and gently warmed the cool African morning air. At first light we wandered over to the campfire, the embers re-awakened, a big kettle steaming away greeted us. We had a lovely strong brew of coffee and observed the wildlife already busy going about their days’ activities. The sausages were sizzling in the pan, the coals of the fire turning the toast a lovely golden brown and the aroma of the tropical fruit salad all awakened our taste buds as we tucked into a delicious breakfast al fresco.

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