Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest

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Visit Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest with Safari Joe.  Located near to Diani Beach along the Indian Ocean, south coast of Kenya.

A 'Kaya' is a pocket of sacred forest that owes its existence directly to the cultural beliefs and history of the nine Coastal Mijikenda ethnic groups or tribes.

Kaya Kinondo is the senior most Kaya (home) for the Digo people located in Kwale District, Coast Province. It is just a few metres from the pristine Indian Ocean shoreline and close to the world famous Diani Beach, an internationally recognised tourist destination.

Kaya Kinondo is well represented in biodiversity and still bears the marks of prolonged human settlement in the distant past within the forest, that adds credibility to the rich folklore associated with the site.

Kaya Kinondo was the first Mijikenda sacred forest to open up for controlled ecotourism. When you visit this site it is important to show respect for the forest and people, upon arrival you will be given a short brief on how to behave on the visit.

Before you enter into the forest you will be given a black sarong called a ‘kaniki’ which must be worn in the Kaya, then you are instructed that no public displays of affection is allowed within.

There is a very light hearted side to the whole experience as you hug a tree, listen to stories of natural Viagra and learn about the many medicinal properties of the trees, plants and vines.

It is a lovely experience inside the cool forest but for the most part you will be concentrating on stepping over the buttress roots, not tripping on the coral rocks, avoiding contact with long trailing creepers and dodging great lines of rather vicious ants!

As a visitors you are led through the forest and told numerous tales about the characters that used to live there, their strength, weakness and unique traits. This is an essential part of the experience deepening one’s sense of the Kaya’s living history and Digo traditions.

When you travel with Safari Joe, we will take you for a visit to Kaya Kinondo where you may also experience the magic of this sacred forest.

To learn more about the Kaya please visit "Kaya Kinondo" Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest

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