The Importance of Groundnuts in Uganda

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Peanuts, known locally as groundnuts are an important crop in Uganda. As well as providing a source of income they also play an important role socially.

Ugandans are being encouraged to grow this crop to empower them into becoming productive citizens, who are able to take care of themselves and their families.

Women will serve them to their guests as a welcome snack, as well as sharing news whilst sorting the legume.

The raw groundnut is also boiled or steamed in the shell and eaten whole, or, alternatively roasted and ground into a fine powder which is then used in many different recipes.  Groundnuts that have been cooked into a thick pink paste often accompany Matoke (cooked green bananas), rice and spinach or bamboo shoots.  Totally delicious!

Peanut Butter is known as ‘Odii’ in Uganda and made totally from natural ingredients; a combination of roasted groundnuts and roasted sesame seeds. These sesame seeds are cleaned, then they are sorted using a local method called ‘winnowing’. It takes only a few women no time at all to sort a full basket. When the seeds are separated from the chaff, they are mixed with the groundnuts, using a ratio of 1:2 groundnuts to sesame seeds.

The women blend the mixture in a mill and finally it’s churned - a process that takes less than an hour. When it has become a smooth brown paste, it is packaged into smaller containers ready to be taken to the market.

Peanut butter is used in many local Ugandan dishes as it is a great source of protein, particularly for those who cannot afford meat or animal protein.

When you travel to Uganda with Safari Joe enjoy many traditional local dishes cooked using groundnuts.

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