Indian Ocean Beach Holidays

Safari Joe for the journey of a lifetime

The Indian Ocean coastline of East Africa is one of the most beautiful in the world, with white sandy beaches, year-round clear-blue warm waters and tropical palm fringed shores. What better way to perfectly compliment a safari holiday

in the African bush than by finishing off relaxing on a white sandy beach with a sundowner? What makes Kenya and Tanzania so perfect for safari beach holidays is that it is so quick and easy to travel between the two.

With Safari Joe to guide you, there is more to experience than just a beach holiday, immerse yourself into this fascinating culture and enjoy the many hidden locations that we can explore together.

Known as the Swahili Coast, thanks to the unique mix of African, Arabic and Portuguese people who typify it, it also offers; a wide range of ancient cultural sites; mosques and ancient Swahili towns; a vibrantly colourful cuisine; a wide range of marine parks backed by coastal parks and the last remains of the African equatorial rain-forests; endless water-sports, child-friendly pursuits and nightly entertainments for all tastes; and one of the world's most famous barrier reefs.

As for the accommodation, thanks to its long-established tourism infrastructure, the choices range from 5-star resorts and world-class spas, to simple palm-thatched chalets on the beach.

Water Sports

The Indian Ocean coastline makes the ideal water-sporting venue and the majority of resorts offer a wide range of options, which generally include any or all of the following: wind-surfing, kite-surfing, snorkelling, fun-boats, glass-bottom boats, catamarans and dinghies, boogie boards, jet-skis, surfing, pedallos and water-skiing. See Adventure Activities for more details.


Kenya's 480 kms (300 miles) of Indian Ocean shoreline are endowed with sublime white sandy beaches, shady palm trees, warm waters for swimming and a colourful chain of coral reefs. On-shore breezes temper the heat and the humidity. With year round average high temperatures of 27° Celsius the weather is just perfect for enjoying the many water sports available, for beach-combing or for relaxing pool-side. The strings of islands that run up the Kenyan coast, the main ones being Wasini, Chale, Lamu, Funzi, Manda, Pate, Kiwayu and Mombasa itself are all worth a visit. Apart from their beach and ocean attractions, most of them have some archaeological interest which is also a constant theme on the mainland: the whole coast is full of ruins, forts, mosques, tombs and even whole towns including Gedi Ruins near Malindi.

South Coast

Just south of Mombasa is the famous Diani beach, one of the most renowned on the East African Coast, with its long, soft, white sandy beaches making it a tropical paradise. There is also an offshore reef which is ideal for snorkelling and as this also keeps the waves low it is an ideal beach for paddling and swimming. The more remote and quieter Galu Beach is a few miles south provides excellent accommodation and activities.

North Coast

Watamu is located north of Mombasa, near Malindi. This is one of Kenya's finest beaches and the site of a Marine National Park offering excellent snorkelling and scuba diving. The nearby Arabuko Sokoke forest is a bird watchers paradise and the extensive inland Mida Creek hosts a wide variety of splendid birdlife. Sandy beaches, clear water, coconut palms casting shadows and tropical colours characterise beach holidays on the Kenyan coast. The historic island of Lamu, where the only traffic is donkeys, takes you back to another era, enchantingly exotic and peaceful.


Tanzania offers some of East Africa's very best beaches, both on the mainland and on the islands just off the coast - including Mafia and Pemba. These beach holidays vary from relatively inexpensive through to very high quality. Step back from the beach and discover expanses of rainforest, wildlife rich river deltas, and much more than you ever expected. The Spice Island of Zanzibar is breathtaking, the legendary Stone Town, the Spice Plantations and the world class beaches. There are a good selection of beach lodges and beach hotels to choose from, to suit most tastes and budgets.

Do safari holidays get better than this? We don't think so‚ but come and discover for yourself!