Bespoke East African Safaris

Safari Joe for the journey of a lifetime

Welcome to Safari Joe. We are an East African company, passionate about travel in Africa. For you, the traveller there is so much to discover: whether you enjoy adrenalin pumping adventure or relaxing in style,

rich cultural experiences or exploring the wonders of nature, Africa is quite extraordinary, mysterious and whole lot of fun. It is pretty difficult to sum it up briefly, with such incredibly diverse landscapes, people, culture and wildlife to choose from. This is where we kick in, assisting you to select the best fit for your journey. We offer tailor-made journeys and safaris in East Africa: Each one bespoke!

Our fully escorted safaris are designed so that you are not just a spectator; you can experience the real Africa, visit the markets, meet the people, paint a school classroom or have a game of football with the children. All you need to do is decide where you would like to go, what you would like to do, how long you would like to go for and what your budget is and leave the rest to us!


The preparation and anticipation of a safari can be almost as exciting as the safari itself. Below are the main questions you should consider when beginning to plan for a safari:

  • We genuinely tailor-make all our holidays for our customers. It is therefore possible to build the perfect trip for you based around your interests and requirements. You can travel for any duration of time, be as active or adventurous as you choose, vary your accommodation options and combine a wildlife safari with a variety of other activities or attractions. You will need to consider how busy / relaxed you wish your holiday to be, how much safari you wish to include and which “non-safariactivities appeal to you.
  • Whether you spend three days or three weeks on safari, you will need to consider what style and level of safari accommodation you would feel comfortable with and enjoy. We offer the choice of luxury tented camps for those who enjoy a few little luxuries like a bed, or for those who really love camping, pitching your own tent and sleeping on a comfortable mattress. Either way the best part is, you'll actually be camping in the bush a real safari!
  • Once you leave your “home comforts behind and spend a few nights in the wilderness, it becomes quite normal to sit around the camp fire in the evening, sleep under canvas, use a traditional “bucket shower and perhaps even wear the same “dusty safari trousers two or three days in a row!
  • In general, think about what you can afford and what you want to spend. Bear in mind that, like everything else, you get what you pay for - safaris are no exception. Avoid the popular misconception that because much of Africa is third world accommodations and services are cheap. For most people a safari holiday is often the trip of a lifetime.
  • Key information will always be when you wish to travel, how many of you are travelling (ages can be relevant) and how long you wish to travel for. You will hear varying ideas about the timing of your trip, but keep in mind that people travel year round to East Africa.
  • A final point to bear in mind is that a 10-day holiday means 9 nights, and if this includes your flying time to and from Africa, you could be looking at as little as 7 nights on safari.

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